Pico Carbon Laser Peel

Pico Carbon Laser Peel - Holistic Health and Laser Hair Removal Clinic
Pico Carbon Laser Peel will immediately clean and refresh your skin unveiling your natural glow. Relax while a dark carbon mask is applied. As the laser comes in contact with the carbon, a fine layer of aged skin gets removed. The dual action of the carbon mask and Pico laser leaves behind fresh, glowing skin.
Benefits of the Treatment
Rejuvenation of the skin: Carbon peels stimulates the collagen production in the skin which helps in getting plumper, firmer and wrinkle free skin with a glow on the skin.

What it does?

This skin treatment is fantastic for both dry as well as oily skin. Also, don’t be discouraged if your skin is prone to acne because this treatment is perfect for you. While the carbon mask dries and draws up any blackheads, the Pico laser destroys the impurities and refreshes your skin. After the laser treatment you will be left with hydrated, dewy and health skin. Pico Carbon Laser Peel doesn’t require any downtime: no need to hide away for days. Enjoy your new skin like a celebrity.
How many sessions does a carbon laser take?
A course of four to five sessions, spaced one to four weeks apart, can give great results for improved collagen production, reduced oiliness and tighter, more radiant skin.
  • Treatment session $150
Need a consultation?
Please call to schedule a personalized consultation 252-916-9462

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