B12/MIC Injection

Enhance your healthy lifestyle with all the benefits of B12 + a unique blend of ingredients to support your weight loss journey.

Do More, Age Less

  • B12 boosts energy & discourages onset of general fatigue
  • Inositol & a healthy diet can help initiate modest weight loss
  • Choline shown to help build lean muscle mass
  • Complements a healthy lifestyle to break through plateaus
  • Gentle & effective for sensitive stomachs
B12/MIC is most effective when used as part of a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet & regular exercise.

Background & History

  • Ingredients include B12 + methionine, inositol, choline (MIC)
  • The earliest accounts of MIC injections go as far back as 1935
  • Implications of MIC on liver & metabolism led to lipotropic injections for weight loss & energy
  • When used in combination with diet & exercise, enhances the body’s ability to break through weight loss stagnation
  • Cited to support lean muscle building in athletes
  • Injected intramuscularly

B-12 Mic injection - Holistic Health and Laser Hair Removal Clinic

Premium Recover - Holistic Health and Laser Hair Removal Clinic


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